Every spring, the city of Madison, Wisconsin comes alive with the Midwest Horse Fair. This incredible three-day event truly celebrated the majesty, athleticism, and spirit of horses. The Wisconsin Walking Horse Association (WWHA) brought the grace and distinctive running walk of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed to the iconic event. Throughout the 3-day fair WWHA had 2 breed demonstrations showcasing the movement and skills of our beloved breed as well as one horse being selected to represent the Tennessee Walking Horse in the parade of breeds. Every year since 2000, the Midwest Horse Fair has had a theme. This year’s theme was horseplay. WWHA celebrated this theme by having youth members dress up in costumes and decorate stalls with games. Beyond the ring, WWHA’s booth at the fair is a hub for education and outreach. Association members are always eager to share their knowledge and passion for the breed, answering questions from curious fairgoers and offering insights into training and care requirements for these exceptional horses. WWHA has been a fixture at the Midwest Horse Fair for over 30 years, showcasing the talents of their beloved Walking Horses and promoting the rich heritage of this unique breed. Their participation adds a little something different and unique than most breeds, captivating audiences with the horses’ mesmerizing high-stepping gait.