Adopted horses are those purchased, bequeathed, or assumed from a person, entity, or authority and in which case the person possesses the horse with or without any registration papers.

If you believe you have a registered Tennessee Walking Horse(C) and were not provided the “papers” (Registration Certificate), we can determine if the horse is indeed certified breed pure by your collection of a DNA sample (hairs from the tail) and submitting it for review to the lab we use in Kentucky.

The DNA testing fee is $50, in accordance with (IAW) the published Fee Schedule approved by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  Call and order a DNA submission form today which also pays for the lab fees, postage, et al.

Even if you’re unsure what the name of the horse was when registered or even if it has ever been registered, the test can determine IF it was ever registered.

Once it’s determined to be [previously] registered and you want the ownership record corrected to reflect your possession and care for the now-adopted animal, we can help you with that process; we do our level best to help the owners that love and appreciate the animals they have in their care.

See TWHBEA Corporate Rules – Rule 3.06.01 for instructions on transferring a horse without a recorded owner signature.

Call our office at 931-359-1574 for more information or write to

Here are some of the forms you may need in the process of fully recognizing the pedigreed potential of owning your Tennessee Walking Horse.