Past Presidents

E.   Burt Hunter – 1935-37
Hometown – Lewisburg, Tennessee
An early, longtime breeder and owner, he was a member of one of the founding families of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed. The Hunter family owned and stood Hunter’s Allen F-10. He, along with former Tennessee Governor Jim Nance McCord, is credited with the idea to found the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ Association of America.

D.  H. Brock – 1937-38
Hometown – Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
An accomplished early breeder of Tennessee Walking Horses, he bred and/or owned such renowned horses as Hal Allen, Lady McDonald, Blue Moon, Gay Miss and Tennessee Flame.

A. M. Dement – 1938-40
Hometown – Wartrace, Tennessee
One of the great early breeders in the history of the Tennessee Walking breed. Bred the great mares Nell Dement F-3 and Merry Legs F-4 as well as the influential stallion Last Chance. Dement created a scientific system of breeding and was one of the first to employ linebreeding. He was one of the first to refer to the horses he bred as ‘walking horses’.

W. F. Fessey – 1940-41
Hometown – Nashville, Tennessee
A well-regarded breeder of his time, he produced a number of good horses including Mary Lou Allen, Giovanni’s Glamour Girl and Red Roan Allen.

W. H. Davis – 1941-43
Hometown – Wartrace, Tennessee
Another founder of the breed, Davis was a master promoter of the Tennessee Walking Horse. He put forth the idea for the Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee, after observing other community festivals in middle Tennessee. Davis was also a renowned showman, frequently exhibiting horses such as Merry Legs F-4.

J. French Brantley – 1943-45
Hometown – Manchester, Tennessee
The son of James R. Brantley, owner of Allan F-1 and breeder and owner of Roan Allen F-38. Brantley often road foundation sire Allan F-1 to school and he was often sited in the show ring aboard Roan Allen F-38. He briefly owned half interest in Midnight Sun prior to the great horse being sold to Harlinsdale Farm.

Frank D. Rambo – 1945-49
Hometown – Fayetteville, Tennessee
Proprietor of Oakwood Acres Stable, a premier Tennessee Walking Horse breeding facility known for top quality mares such as World Grand Champions Melody Maid and City Girl. He also owned the successful gelding Pride Of Memphis late in his show career.

John C. Askew – 1949-51
Hometown – Nashville, Tennessee
Guided the Association through the growing pains of the late 1940s and early 1950s. Envisioned the association as all-inclusive. Sought to charter a state Tennessee Walking Horse Exhibitors’ Association for each of the states. Looked to create a standard of conformation and performance for the breed and a licensing system for horse show judges. Worked to have the breed recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture.

C. C. Flanery – 1951-52
Hometown – Nashville, Tennessee
As Tennessee State Agriculture Commissioner in 1939, he was instrumental in the start of the Celebration.

Ed S. Ezell, Sr. – 1952-54
Hometown – Chapel Hill, Tennessee
Early trainer. Showed the great mare Merry Wilson.

S. H. Arnolt – 1954-56
Hometown – Winona Lake, Indiana
The first president from a state other than Tennessee.

H.Tom Fulton – 1956-58
Hometown – Chapel Hill, Tennessee
Professional walking horse trainer. Following his term, appointed Executive Secretary of the Association by John H. Amos. He served as Executive Secretary until 1966.

John H. Amos – 1958-59
Hometown – Nashville, Tennessee
Active coal-mining figure, head of the last of the large Nashville coal brokerage firms, Love & Amos. Credited with re-organization of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ Association in the 1940s and Chairman of the Board for the Association for 12 years.

J. Glenn Turner – 1959-62
Hometown – Dallas, Texas
The proprietor of Circle T Ranch, Turner was a longtime breeder of Tennessee Walking Horses in Texas. His horses included Miss Mary Giovanni, Shadow’s Luminaire, Shadow’s Red Ace and My Merry Shadow.

S. W. Beech, Jr. – 1962-64
Hometown – Belfast, Tennessee
Began training Tennessee Walking Horses professionally after he graduated high school. Spent a short time training in Arkansas before returning to his Belfast to take over the family farm and start a breeding operation. Stood such top quality stallions as Merry Go Boy, Go Boy’s Shadow, Ebony Masterpiece, Another Masterpiece and Delight Bumin Around. Managed Murray Farm Sale and Sale of Show Ring Champions.

W. W. Gill, Jr. – 1964-66
Hometown – Petersburg, Tennessee
Noted breeder and owner of Tennessee Walking Horses. His horses included Gill’s Shooting Star, Gill’s Double Shadow and Gill’s Lucky Pride among many others. Owned and operated a hardware store in Petersburg, Tennessee. Charter member and Vice President of the Production Credit Association for many years. Served as a member of the Lincoln County Court.

Jerome B. Ryan – 1966-68
Hometown – Hattiesburg, Mississippi
A very successful automobile dealer. Jack Moorman managed his horse operation and served as his trainer. His son was well-known amateur exhibitor.

J.T. Kelley – 1968-70
Hometown – Columbia, Tennessee
Served as a State Senator for Tennessee. President of TWHBEA during the construction of the current headquarters building in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

Roy Davis – 1970-72
Hometown – Calhoun, Georgia
Proprietor of Bel Air Stables. Owner, along with his brother Bonnie, of 1971 World Grand Champion Sensational Shadow. Also owned 1970 World Grand Champion Ace’s Sensation as a weanling, yearling and two year old.

Harlin Hayes – 1972-74
Hometown – Franklin, Tennessee
Longtime manager of Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, Tennessee. As manager he implemented the use of artificial insemination and assembled a top-notch bank of broodmares. Managed the careers of many great stallions including Midnight Sun, Sun’s Delight D. and Pride Of Midnight.

C.A. Bobo – 1974-75
Hometown – Shelbyville, Tennessee
Founder and proprietor of Bobo Stables. World Grand Championship trainer. Directed Sensational Shadow to the 1971 World Grand Championship. 1969 Walking Horse Trainers’ Association Trainer of the Year.

Jamie Etheredge – 1975-76
Hometown – Greenville, Alabama
Former mayor of Greenville, Alabama. Served as the Director of the Alabama Development Office. Past President of the Alabama Sunbelt Conference. Longtime breeder, owner and exhibitor of Tennessee Walking Horses.

Sid Maddux – 1976-78
Hometown – Cookeville, Tennessee
Breeder and original owner of Wonder Lady’s Delight, three-time Plantation Pleasure World Grand Champion. Charter member of the Upper Cumberland Walking Horse Association. Served as Putnam County Road Surpervison, Director of Putnam County Fox Hunters Association and President of the United States Field Trails.

Marvin Thompson – 1978-79
Hometown – Brandon, Mississippi
Later served as TWHBEA Horse Shows Vice President. As Horse Shows Vice President oversaw the addition of pleasure classes to the National Futurity. Chaired the TWHBEA Nominating Committee. During his term as President the National Walking Horse Regulatory Committee was formed, the Tennessee Walking Horse became the official horse of the Tennessee State Park System and the Opryland Rangers, and the first Adult Supreme Versatility Championship was presented to Vance Boyd.

J.T. Nelms – 1979-80
Hometown – Nashville, Tennessee
Well-versed breeder of top quality Tennessee Walking Horses. He passed his love for the breed on to his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Horses that benefited from his guidance included World Champions Chief’s Glamour Girl, Go Boy’s Silver Queen, Shadow’s Sun Tn and Sun Tan’s Delight, Lady’s Sunflower and Captain Mack, Senator’s Regal Lady and Just An Empire, and My Lady Darling and Stormy’s Silky Sue.

Sam H. Yarbrough – 1980-81
Hometown – Lewisburg, Tennessee
Born in Huntsville, Alabama. Began showing Tennessee Walking Horses in the late 1940s. Highly regarded horse show judge. Former Police Chief for Pulaski, Tennessee. Member of the National Walking Horse Commission. Lived on the Murray Farm in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Managed the Murrary Farm Sale and Sale of Show from 1970 – 1991.  Previously served as TWHBEA Horse Shows Vice President and Enforcement Vice President. Later served as TWHBEA Sales and Promotion Vice President. Former President of Walking Horse Trainers’ Association.

LeRoy Franks – 1981-82
Hometown – Springfield, Missouri
Played an instrumental role in the Tennessee Walking Horse exhibit at the Knoxville World’s Fair. Previously served as TWHBEA Sales and Promotion Vice President.

P. H. Payne, Jr. – 1982-83
Hometown – Gallatin, Tennessee
Also served as TWHBEA Executive Director. Was, at one time, TWHBEA’s Director of Industry Affairs. As Director of Industry Affairs, he oversaw the purchase of the Association’s first professionally designed trade-fair booth. Served on the Association’s Regulatory Committee. Oversaw the production of the breed documentary Ride With Pride. Also served as TWHBEA’s Sales and Promotion Vice President and Horse Shows Vice President. As President, put focus on development of an oversees market for the breed.

Charles E. Bobo – 1983-84
Hometown – Shelbyville, Tennessee
Son of previous president C. A. Bobo. Lifelong Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiast. Former trainer and former President of the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association. Instrumental in maintaining harmony between the Tennessee Walking Horse industry and the United States Government. Former TWHBEA Trainers Vice President.

W. W. Harlin, Jr. – 1984-86, 1992-93
Hometown – Franklin, Tennessee
Veteran of World War II. Trained horses after the war. Following the passing of his father, W. W. Harlin, Sr., became proprietor and operator of Harlinsdale Farm, a longtime premier Tennessee Walking Horse breeding facility that has stood such stallions as Midnight Sun, Pride Of Midnight H.F., Pride’s Genius, Pride’s Gold Coin, Pride’s Dark Spirit, Gen’s Major General and Out On Parole. A regular show ring competitor.

William Crawford, 1986-87
Hometown – Brookhaven, Mississippi
TWHBEA member starting in 1979. Owned Tennessee Walking Horses since 1961. Horses included Mister Delight H., Pride’s Midnight Ann, Shadow’s Glory C., Pride’s Ten High and Really Rare.

Steve Beech – 1989-1991
Hometown – Lewisburg, Tennessee
Son of previous president S.W. Beech, Jr. Lifetime breeder of Tennessee Walking Horses. Horses have included Prides Fashion H.W., Royal Heiress and Coin’s Dixie Darling. Owner and operator of S.W. Beech Stables for many years.

Charles Gleghorn – 1989-91, 1997-99
Hometown – Fayeteville, Tennessee
The only four-term President in the history of TWHBEA. Served several years on the board of the National Horse Show Commission. Show Manager for the Fayetteville Horse Show. Chief Executive Officer for three banks. Proprietor of Brookhaven Farm. Longtime successful walking horse breeder, owner and exhibitor. Noted horses have included Little Shaker, Pride’s Merry Maker, Ebony’s Darling Girl, Coin’s Dixie Belle, Black Rain, Cash In My Stock, Insomnia, Mr. Reach, London Rain and Shake’s Little Midnight.

Walt Chism – 1991-92
Hometown – Franklin, Tennessee
A Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiast since the mid-1950s and a Tennessee Walking Horse owner since 1965, Walt Chism has bred two World Grand Champions and three World Champions. A graduate of the University of Alabama who worked in the computer business for many years. Former president of the Franklin, Tennessee, Lions’ Club. Helped advance TWHBEA’s technological capabilities and improve the Association’s customer service.

Bob Parks – 1994-94
Hometown – Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Owner of Bob Parks Realty since 1975. Graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. Has served as President of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, Rutherford 20/20, Rutherford County Association of Realtors, United Way, Optimist Club and Stones River County Club. A trustee for both the MTSU Foundation and Motlow College. Inducted into the Celebration Hall of Fame in 2002. Owned WGC Pride’s Jubilee Star.

Carroll Benedict – 1994-95
Hometown – Glasgow, Kentucky
Owner and operator of Benedict and Benedict, Inc., and Chairman of the Board of Directors for T. J. Samson Community Hospital. He was a member and past president of the Glasgow Rotary Club, a former member and chairman of the Glasgow Board of Education and a member and former director of the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce.

Stephen B. Smith – 1995-97, 2014-2016
Hometown – Nashville, Tennessee
Chairman of the Board of Haury & Smith Contractors, Inc. Raises cattle and Tennessee Walking Horses. Graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. Has served on the Metropolitan Nashville Planning Commission, the Regional Transit Authority, and was both member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Nashville Parks and Recreation. As a rider, won 10 world championships. Inducted into the Celebration Hall of Fame in 2001.

Jim Welch – 1999-01
Hometown – Fayetteville, Tennessee
Previously served as Administrative/Fiscal/Audit Vice President. Led TWHBEA during a time of great growth and prosperity which saw large annual increases in registrations, transfers and memberships. Oversaw the introduction of iPeds and the creation of the TWHBEA Youth Medallion class.

Robert Thomas – 2001-03
Hometown – Philadelphia, Mississippi
Multiple term Director and former Vice President of TWHBEA. Has devoted much of his life to promoting all facets of the breed. Wife Margaret is a regular in the show ring. Also served as the associating’s Executive Vice President.

Jerrold Pedigo – 2003-07
Hometown – Murfreesboro, Tennessee
An owner of WGC Pride’s Jubliee Encore at the time of his win. Other horses included Mark Grandy, Pusher’s Big Score, WGC Gen’s Armed And Dangerous, Willie Mays and Blue Blooded Bandit. An owner of Horse Sales LP. Led TWHBEA during a time that saw the Association develop a short-lived rulebook and an HIO sanctioning program.

David Pruett – 2007-2010
Hometown – Old Hickory, Tennessee

Marty Irby – 2010-12
Hometown – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Tracy Boyd – 2012-13
Hometown – Shelbyville, Tennessee

Lloyd Hall “Buster” Black – 2013
Hometown – Brooks, Georgia

Rob Cornelius – 2013
Hometown – Rogersville, Alabama

Stephen B. Smith2014-2016
Hometown – Franklin, Tennessee

David W. Williams  2017-2019
Hometown – Wartrace, Tennessee

Margo Urad 2020 
Hometown – Rockwall, Texas 

 Mike Floyd 2021 
Hometown – Columbia, Tennessee 

 Jack Heffington 2021-2022 
Hometown – Shelbyville, Tennessee