2023 Annual Report

*All numbers on this page are as of year end 2023

Tennessee Walking Horses

Founded in 1935, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) is the oldest breed association dedicated to the Tennessee Walking Horse—the official horse of the State of Tennessee.

THWBEA maintains the official breed registry and records the pedigrees of Tennessee Walking Horses around the world. They also promote the diverse qualities and uses of the smooth-riding breed, and help ensure the general welfare of all Tennessee Walking Horses. The association headquarters, located in Lewisburg, Tennessee, is governed by an International Board of Directors.

Today you’ll find registered Tennessee Walking Horses in all 50 states and 29 foreign countries.

Tennessee Walking Horses registered since 1935
registered Tennessee Walking Horses alive today

Of the 234,418 Tennessee Walking Horse alive today,

15% are Show Horses
Average Age of a TWH
Oldest Competing TWH
Average Competing Age
New Foals Registered
Transfers of Ownership
Total Mares Bred
Individual Stallions Bred
Total TWHBEA Members

Every Horse, Every Time

Tennessee Walking Horse shows are the most regulated equestrian sport in the country. 100% of all horses shown are inspected by organizations approved by the USDA. Horses are inspected every time they show and many are inspected additional times if they win their class or through random inspections.

2023 Compliance Rate

The Tennessee Walking Horse is responsible for

20,000 jobs

with an economic impact
nationwide of

$3.2 billion