The TWHBEA Corporate Rules allow voting members* in the United States the opportunity to opt-in for electronic voting for the International Board of Directors election. It is mandatory for voting outside of the territorial United States to be done electronically.

Members have until August 1, 2024 to opt-in for electronic voting in this year’s election. To opt-in, simply sign into your iPEDs account and click on the button that says “Option for Online Board of Directors Voting” and verify your email address. If you have questions, please call the TWHBEA office at 931-359-1574.

*As of calendar year 2023, a voting member is defined as a member who owns a walking horse in his or her name at the time ballots are mailed. Members in good standing at the conclusion of 2022 who do not own a horse but have had voting privileges shall be granted continued voting privileges provided their membership is kept current on an annual basis. A member prior to 2022 whose voting membership lapses shall lose voting membership privileges.