TWHBEA Members – the time is upon us to renew our memberships for 2018.  As a reminder, memberships are annually renewed on the calendar year basis.  1 Jan – 31 Dec is the member year.

Memberships come in annual, family, youth, young adult, multi-year (w/ annual registration or transfer), and life (w/ annual registration or transfer).  The specifics of the multi-year and lifetime memberships can be explained by our membership associate, Carol Wakefield, or other staff members. However, multi-year are the most cost-efficient for customers that have registrations or transfers to conduct each year.

Please remember to complete all the information blanks requested (i.e., email, mobile phone, birthday) in the member application found online or in our Dec 17 Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse (TM) magazine.

Rates vary and are found on the TWHBEA Fee Schedule.