I want to send a sincere thank you to the voters of TWHBEA who made their voices heard, by voting in this election.  Further, a sincere thanks to those who elected me as the President of TWHBEA.

I appreciate your vote and the opportunity to serve as your voice with your consent.  I plan on continuing to be conscious of the fellow directors, the bylaws, and the best interests of our breed.  My vision is to make TWHBEA relevant again, with our organization leading all efforts in the development and promotion of our breed.

We are in a crisis and I plan on utilizing all of the exceptional talent in our organization to lead our breed to its full potential and turn these critical times around.

We need to produce positive public relations and highlight the prominence of our breed to the world.  This is a great organization with the capability of becoming relevant again in our breed and nationally.  I want to reiterate my gratitude towards all who supported me and those who I will be serving with.

Let’s make TWHBEA relevant again.

Jack Signature.jpg


Jack G. Heffington, President