Lewisburg, HQ

1 October 2020

The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association of Lewisburg, Tennessee announces its first International Video Horse Show competition open to all international TWHBEA members in good standing. The initial video competition will be limited to Trail Pleasure specialty classes by age, gender, open and amateur exhibitors subject to the International High Point competition guidelines. Class list and entry forms will follow. Clear, fresh and original video submissions dated from October 1 through November 30, 2020 – videoed from center ring- will be accepted for judgment, evaluation and critique for entries performing the flat walk and running walk coming and going over a prescribed format in a suitable indoor or outdoor arena. Contestants will be placed in their class and a Best of Country awarded, and finally a Best International Video Champion and Reserve Video Champion named.


Venue: Indoor/outdoor arena ideally measuring 60 meters by 20 meters width, but not less than 40 meters by 20 meters

Attire/Tack optional- Western or English

Trial-One attempt beginning at a centerline at a flat walk for 1 lap, stop at the centerline then reverse at a flat walk for 1 lap, stop at the centerline, then execute the running walk for 1 lap, stop at the centerline and reverse at the running walk for 1 lap, stop at the centerline. End of attempt (see sample video)

Camera– a professional videographer is recommended for multiple entries/group at the same arena (one horse- at- a- time) trials, to high resolution cellphone video for an individual entry. One video clip recorded per entrant per class emailed to mmaddox@twhbea.com

Judgement and commentary (feedback) will be by a recognized and knowledgeable U.S. Judge of Tennessee Walking Horses, placements will be reported on IPEDS but will not count for points in the International High Points Award program. Results will be individually reported within 1 week of the close of the show. (November


• The test must be videoed from Center ring, where the judge would normally view a class.

• The test may be called.

• Coaching during the test is not allowed.

• The natural background sound or walking horse organ music for the test is allowed, but not required, no post

production music edits allowed.

• Bridle or saddle pad numbers are not allowed, a unique back number for each class entry required

• Ridden tests may be submitted to ONLY ONE online show. A video of a trial/ride from another competition/

or show that has already been judged must be eliminated i.e. July 2020 Mexico. Any video suspected of having

been filmed during another competition or traditional horse show will not be scored.

• All classes must be designated with a unique class number; no horse may be ridden more than once in any

class with the same class number

• Horses may be entered in more than one class (see above and class sheet)