Lewisburg, TN  August 7, 2019


Hey everyone, this is great news just in from the TWHNC in Shelbyville.  And, to echo the below copied statement from CEO, Mike Inman, TWHBEA(R) extends its’ thanks to those defenders of our freedom to own, show, train, breed and transport the great horse of Tennessee, the Tennessee Walking Horse(C)!

Good morning everyone,


   First I would like to sincerely thank each of you that took the time to reach out to the Nashville Metro Council in opposition of the anti -walking horse ordinance  written to ban the great Tennessee Walking show horse from Davidson County  In a really UNPRECEDENTED action, in the early hours this morning, the sponsor of the ordinance withdrew it from the council after two unanimous approval readings in early meetings.  Baylor Swindell, lobbyist working on our behalf and doing a great job, commented on how the outreach from advocates for our horse was instrumental in educating many of the council which contributed to a change in course. As a compromise to obtain withdrawing of the ordinance the Council voted to adopt a non-binding resolution opposing soring of horses.  More details on this action can be found in the current news tab at the walking horse report website.

  Special appreciation needs to be mentioned for the efforts of Jeffrey Howard and Steve Smith for their meetings and presentations made to members of the council.

  Thanks again for coming together and helping to achieve such outstanding results!  You are so appreciated.




RW 190807

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