On December 13, 2021, the USDA/APHIS will publish a notice in the Federal Register officially withdrawing the July 26, 2016 proposed rulemaking that would have amended the horse protection regulations (86 Fed. Reg. 70755). The notice also states that the agency is preparing to announce a new rulemaking in the near future. They indicate that the new proposed rulemaking should include some of the findings published in the 2021 National Academy of Science study. This study was funded by the USDA and the horse industry. This withdrawal of the July 2016 proposal was not unexpected by the industry and has been discussed at various industry meetings and events. TWHBEA will not speculate on what a new rule may or may not contain, but instead will focus on preparing strategic comments on the new rule once it is published. TWHBEA stands ready to defend the Tennessee Walking Show Horse along with the other Industry Associations. I encourage each member to educate themselves on this situation as we go forward. Knowledge is the attribute that we all can possess as the process unfolds.  We are providing a link to the notice withdrawing the proposed rulemaking here (https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2021-12-13/pdf/2021-26849.pdf).

Bill Stricklend
VP Equine Welfare