Lewisburg, TN       10 January 2020


If you are a once-in-awhile or daily user of the premium subscription service iPEDS(C) you are sure to have noticed some changes recently.  There are now two different websites to use for the premium service.  The “new” iPEDS website is still undergoing fixes for bugs and inconsistencies but is much improved for look and function, and it is only going to continue improving.  Eventually, the old iPEDS website will be removed, but not until we are sure the “new” is as operational and more functional than before.

Attached to this post is a short Adobe .pdf document that notes the major and minor changes that have been made and some yet to come.  Other improvements are intended for the future and may include online transfers, horse name changes and an app for smart devices that facilitates the function of the service in a pure mobile form complete with shopping cart style checkout.  But, that’s still in the future.

We thank all of our customers, members, business partners and especially the leadership of TWHBEA that have their FOCUS on the FUTURE in 2020.


TWHBEA® Launches New iPEDS© Version