Board of Director Candidates

  • Alabama (Elect 1)

Rob Cornelius

Ford Gates

Donna Hill

Bill Stricklend

  • California        (Elect 1)

Ethlyn Montgomery (Lyn)

Melvin Madison Parham Sr.

  • Illinois             (Elect 1)

Michael Horstmann

Lance Meisenheimer

  • Kentucky         (Elect 2)

Sheree Bollinger

Carrie Benedict

Spencer Benedict

  • Missouri          (Elect 1)

Scott Barker

  • South Carolina            (Elect 1)

Tom Kakassy

Tennessee (Elect 3)

Jonathan (Jon) Allred

Ann Marie Couch

Mack Dekle

Chris Hazelwood

Jayden Jackson

Lesa (Char) Johnson

Joey Manos

John Oliver

Ronnie Reed

David Sisk

Dr. Brian Wright

Virginia           (Elect 1)

Sharon Rice

Region 2 (Michigan/Wisconsin)

(Elect 1)

Kim Leonard

TERM AND ELECTION OF DIRECTORS. Directors shall be elected not later than the first day of November of each year. Their term of office shall commence at the annual December meeting of the membership to be held as set out in these Bylaws. The method of election, the number of Directors to be elected, the notice to be given for said election , the nature and extent of any oath of office which may be required and the methods of enforcement thereof, and all other matters relating to same shall be tied by resolution of the Board of Directors, and the same rules and regulations governing the said election shall be effective in each state or region. Each Director shall be elected for a term of three (3) years. No person elected as a director in the United States shall be eligible to be a Director for more than two (2) full consecutive terms; however, a person may serve more than two (2) non-consecutive terms as a Director.