It’s time to sign-up with the Division Vice-Presidents if you wish to serve on a particular committee. Please contact them at the email addresses shown by their name to be included on their list and let them know how you’d like best to serve that section of our industry. Likewise, in order to keep information consolidated, the committee registration form is attached here, with instructions to return the form, filled out, to The executive committee vote to approve committee members will only include those that have submitted the form to the office at the above-listed email address. Deadline for submission of form is January 15, 2019.

Trainers Division – Russ Thompson, | Equine Welfare Division – Bobby Beech, | Performance Horse Division – Sen. Robin Webb, | Pleasure Horse Division – Dr. Joseph Leith, | Marketing Division – Ashley Wadsworth, | Admin/Fiscal – Denise Rowland, | Youth Division – Chris Hazelwood, | Bylaws/Enforcement Division – Margo Urad, | Breeders’ Division – Carrie Benedict, | Owners/International Division – Keegan Meadows,