On January 18, 2019, the Executive Committee confirmed the sub-committee volunteers and nominations for each of the divisions. Attached here are the lists of those names and committees by division as shown wiht the VP below as the chairperson.

Trainers Division – Russ Thompson, wesus@aol.com | Equine Welfare Division – Bobby Beech, bbeech@beechcorporation.com | Performance Horse Division – Sen. Robin Webb, robin_webb@windstream.net | Pleasure Horse Division – Dr. Joseph Leith, kybonedoctor@yahoo.com | Marketing Division – Ashley Wadsworth, awadsworth@bellsouth.net | Admin/Fiscal – Denise Rowland, samara_farms@hotmail.com | Youth Division – Chris Hazelwood, jacobyfarm@hotmail.com | Bylaws/Enforcement Division – Margo Urad, margo.urad@gmail.com | Breeders’ Division – Carrie Benedict, carriepbenedict@gmail.com | Owners/International Division – Keegan Meadows, blackwatertrainer@outlook.com.