Tennessee Walking Horse Scouting Patch

Tennessee Walking Horse Scouting Patch

Scouts of all ages and divisions are being offered an extra incentive for becoming knowledgeable about the horse industry.  Any youth using a registered Tennessee Walking Horse to earn his/her horse-related scout merit badge will receive a colorful embroidered patch from the TWHBEA. The patch is absolutely free of charge.

Why a patch?  Scouts receive patches for participating in special events such as camping trips, nature conservation efforts, food drives, and various other events.  Patch trading during inter-troop campouts, conventions, or jamborees is one of the major hobbies that both scouts and leaders enjoy.  Even more rare are the hard-to-find patches that you can only attain through certain events. The Tennessee Walking Horse Scouting Achievement patch will fall into this category.  It is a point of pride to have a patch that no one else has seen before. Because of its unique nature, the patch will definitely draw interest in participating in the various horse programs with a Tennessee Walking Horse.  Whether used to trade for other unique patches, or affixed to a jacket or backpack, the Tennessee Walking Horse Scouting Patch can be shown with pride.

Acquiring the patch is simple. Simply fill out an application and mail to the address below.  After verifying that the scouting requirements were met and that the horse used is registered, the patch will be sent to the applicant.

Please contact TWHBEA for more information on the Tennessee Walking Horse Scouting Patch or to inquire about other youth programs.

TWHBEA Youth Coordinator
Paulette Ewing
P.O. Box 286
Lewisburg, TN  37091-0286
(931) 359-0593