Special Youth Awards

Member of the Year

TWHYA is pleased to announce that it will name its youth member of the year at the annual December meeting.  Youth members will accumulate points based on their participation in equine events throughout the year. Emphasis will be placed on volunteer work and participation at TWHBEA sponsored events.  However, members will also receive points for volunteering and participating at non-TWHBEA sponsored events.  The youth named Member of the Year will receive a full page advertisement in The Voice magazine as well as the distinction of having his/her photo displayed at TWHBEA headquarters.  Youth members may find the Youth Activity Log form to keep track of their activities on TWHBEA’s website under Youth Forms or below the point breakdown on this page.  Forms must be returned to TWHBEA by November 1.  Below is a breakdown of how points will be awarded.

Membership                                                                                       50 Points

Meeting Attendance                                                                          50 Points

Officer/Board Member Status                                                         100 Points

Volunteering at TWHBEA-Sponsored Event                               100 Points

Volunteering at non TWHBEA-Sponsored Event                       50 Points

Competing at TWHBEA-Sponsored Event                                    50 Points

Competing at non TWHBEA-Sponsored Event                            25 Points

Trail Riding                                                                                           25 Points

Independent Horse Activity or Promotion                                     25 Points

$25.00 in Horse Show/Medallion Class Sponsorship                 10 Points

Each Recipe Collected                                                                         10 Points

Each New Member Recruited                                                            25 Points

Each Mare Researched for iPeds Project                                25 Points

Each Issue Cataloged in Voice Magazine Project                  50 Points

Youth Activity Log

Send completed Youth Activity Log form to the address below:

TWHBEA Youth Coordinator

Paulette Ewing

P.O. Box 286

Lewisburg TN 37091


(931) 359-0593


Scholarship Winners

Recognizing that youth are vital to a successful future for the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, TWHBEA awards both graduate and undergraduate scholarships.

2020 Scholarship Winners

Valeria Pineda- Lewisburg, TN

Svanah Martin- Kadiz, KY

Morgan Hodge- Raleigh, NC

Colton McVey- Pulaski, TN




Creative Contest Winners

6 & Under Photos Color:

1st LiviAna Landon

2nd LiviAna Landon

Black and White:

1st LiviAna Landon

2nd LiviAna Landon

7 to 11 Photos Color: 

1st Georgia Hazelwood

2nd Georgia Hazelwood


1st Georgia Hazelwood


1st Georgia Hazelwood


1st Kathryn Hopper

2nd Georgia Hazelwood

12 to 17 Painting:

1st Leilani Landon

Photos Color: 

1st Morgan Norris

2nd Leilani Landon

Black and White:

1st Leilani Landon

2nd Morgan Norris

TWHBEA 4-H Achievement Award

The 4-H Achievement Award is given each year by The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association to honor the top 4-H horse project in each state using a registered Tennessee Walking Horse.

2020 recipients:

Leilani Landon
Summertown, Tennessee

TWHYA Horse Bowl

The Tennessee Walking Horse Youth Association hosted its second annual Horse Bowl competition.The competition is open to youth competitors from across the nation. Horse Bowl is an exciting and fun approach to equine knowledge and provides participants the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of equine related subject matter as well as information specific to the Tennessee Walking Horse. These youth competitors answered questions like, “How many bones make up the skeleton of a horse?” and “Name the oldest horse to win the World Grand Championship.”


2020 Horse Bowl Winners

Junior Team Champions

TWHYA Junior Team
Finley Grace Brooks
Caitlyn Duschel
Georgia Hazelwood
Leilani Landon

Junior Teams Reserve Champions

Putnam County 4-H
Lylah Howell
Kiyah Howell
Blake Johnson

Junior High Point Individual

LeiLani Landon-TWHYA Junior Team

Senior Team Champions

Putnam County 4-H
Tehya Howell
Mallory Johnson
Ashley Thrasher
Jenny Vaughn

Junior Teams Reserve Champions

TWHYA Senior Team
Hardison Greene
Corbin Parker
Addison Stembridge
Mia Thomas

Senior High Point Individual

Ashley Thrasher-Putnam County