26 June 2020

Operational Action – Due to economic pressures on the International consumer from COVID-19, the temporary late fee waiver currently in place is hereby ordered from the Executive Committee to be continued until December 31, 2020.

Rule Action – Due to the needs of clarity and modernization the following rule changes were approved by the Executive Committee.

Enacted Date: 26 June 2020.

Effective Date: 25 July 2020.

Rule 1.04

Name of horse must not exceed 25 characters which include all alpha-numeric characters, punctuation marks, and spaces, specific to the Roman Alphabet. Phonetically similar names will be considered the same. All names must have a pronunciation.  Profane, vulgar, or sexually suggestive names will not be accepted.  Any submitted names that are in question of complying with the rules will be either accepted or denied by the official Registrar of TWHBEA.

Rule 2

TWHBEA members who have purchased a multi-year membership are entitled to register one foal free each year their dues are paid, provided the dam of said foal is recorded in said member’s name on the date of the foal’s birth. This free registration must be requested at the time the application for registration is submitted. The DNA kit is not included in the free registration. Lifetime members may choose to use their benefit for transfer but not both a registration and a transfer in a single calendar year.