Whenever a new member benefit is added to our membership advantage plan, we get really excited. However, this new benefit is not only a value but it could save your life. Take it from a local Petersburg, TN TWH fancier that recently was flown aboard a helicopter to Nashville, TN for emergency surgery following a “double-barrelled kick to the back,” that seriously injured her and threatened her very life. If you live and work on a farm in a remote area across these United States, chances are that an AirMedCare service covers you. AirMedCare at $20/off per year for all the members in your house/ barn is excellent coverage in the event an air medevac is required to save you, your family or your employees at the barn. Get it now exclusively through TWHBEA. Current members only.


Lewisburg, TN          07 Dec 18

A new member benefit added to the others that TWHBEA offers could literally save your life and save tens of thousands of your dollars as well.  In any trauma, one hour is golden and crucial to the outcome of your life and the ability of the medical professionals to save you from whatever trauma may have occurred.  Life Flight, Air Evac, Air Ambulance – whatever the name you use for it, it’s expensive.  Now, TWHBEA offers its’ members a chance for the insurance to save their lives for an annual discount off the normal price.  For a little more than $5 a month (after member discount),  you can insure your family for the helicopter ride of their life.

www.airmedcarenetwork.com  plan code 14596; or call their toll-free number 855-398-9809 Simply give the customer service rep your TWHBEA member number and expiration date, to be signed up/enrolled for this great asset, for your survival.

(Membership will be verified each month by AirMedCare and TWHBEA staff.  Any person not in good standing with TWHBEA will lose the insurance coverage without notification.)