With your help we can keep improving the information that we have about our TWHs.

By using blood typing, DNA, and micro-chipping the Association keeps refining the process of identification, correct parentage and reproductive expectations. By carefully thinking about your TWH’s correct base coat color and what dilutions or white coat patterns are working with that coat color you can help future generations of breeders make informed decisions when breeding their TWHs. The description of an individual horse on the Certificate of Registration should include the color, face and leg markings, patterns, and dilutions or modifiers if there are any present. Any scars, swirls, tattoos or other identifying marks should also be included. It is very important that any information that is provided be as accurate as possible. Please remember that the Registry can not guess the color of the horse being registered. The Registry will return any registration application with incomplete color information. This will cause a delay in processing.

One of the basic purposes of TWHBEA is to protect and maintain the purity of the breed.