Lewisburg, TN June 15, 2018

By order of the Executive Committee in an expansion of the services available to our members, iPEDS is now offered for life. $1000 per member gains one 16.67 years of usage at the current rate. They’ll never have to pay an increased annual rate; the possibility of using more than 16 2/3 years of iPEDS is almost a surety.* Get yours now!

TWHBEA retains the right to cancel service and return the unused proceeds to any user at any time for any reason.  Please see the terms and conditions of use in its’ entirety.  One user per purchase only; estates need not apply or expect extraordinary continuance of services after the passing of the purchaser.


*Living an additional 16 2/3 years cannot in any way be guaranteed by TWHBEA for purchasing Lifetime iPEDS subscription.