How do I Register My Tennessee Walking Horse?


  1. Application must be completed clearly in ink – lead pencil is not acceptable
  2. Suggested names must be submitted. Spacing is required between words. Names cannot exceed 25 letters-including spaces and marks of punctuation. (See Rule 1.04)
  3. Foal date is necessary for submitting an application
  4. Signatures of the stallion owner of record at the time of service and the mare owner of record at the time of foaling are required for submission of application
  5. If mare is not on breeding report and the report was filed in a timely fashion, a $15.00 fee is required for her to be added to the report.
  6. Description must be completed. If animal is a tobiano, sabino, overo, tobiano/sabino, pictures are required-front, back and both sides.
  7. If foal is to be registered to a person other than the owner of the mare at foaling time, a transfer is required. The transfer must be signed by the mare owner at foaling time, with a date of purchase . There will be a fee due for both the registration and the transfer.
  8. Parentage verification kits will not be issued without submission of a completed in order application.
  9. Parentage verification kits will bear the registered name and number of the animal to which it has been assigned. DO NOT USE THE KIT FOR ANOTHER ANIMAL. IF AN UNUSED KIT IS RETURNED TO TWHBEA, A REFUND WILL BE MADE.
  11. Processing of sample by the laboratory could take from 2-3 weeks from the time of receipt.
  12. Upon receipt of results from the laboratory certificate of registration will be sent to the owner.
  13. Gelding Registration Incentive: The Gelding registration fee is $50.00 within nine months and $100 after nine months, of foaling dateParentage verification (DNA) kit fees cost $50.  For a gelding registration that requires a transfer incidental to the situation, the charge is $40 within 45 days of purchase date and $100 after 45 days of purchase.  Those fees are in addition to the registration and parentage verification.  Statement (required) from the veterinarian or person performing the castration must accompany the application for registration, and no foal registration applications accepted with a breeding date post-castration, from the gelding, without medical exception.  All other registration requirements enforced.
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Sample Collection Instructions

Instructions For Collecting DNA Samples

NI Testing Information

NI Testing Submission Form

Color Testing Information

Color Testing Submission Form

Guide To Color Gene Testing

There are member discounts for doing color tests at the time of registration, please contact the TWHBEA office at 931-359-1574 for details.