Lewisburg, TN    04 March 2019

For the first quarter of 2019 FY, all the measurable metrics were in a positive position at term end.  Folks, you all may not realize it but, it is the first time in four years that all five of the standards by which we gauge success in the industry (or our portion of it anyway) have been in a positive position at the end of a quarter.  We at TWHBEA, as in any business, like positive numbers and expect ebb and flow however, we are also hopeful that the industry is burgeoning under a strong economy and improved conditions for the horses and their owners. 

Registrations: +52 year over year (YOY). 
Transfers: +138 YOY.  Mares Bred: +96 YOY. 
Memberships:  +552 YOY. 

Those numbers are awesome, in our opinion, and steady increases, though small, are easier to sustain over the long stretch.  Large spikes are welcome, but without continuous progress, the downs are just as drastic as the ups.  The industry is doing just what it needs to do, slowly but steadily improve.

Keep up the good work, continue sound training and showing, breed your mares and register the offspring.  Registrations are key to maintaining the value of our horse; everyone must realize that.  It is not enough that they look healthy, shake their heads and walk well.  Without a certificate of registration from THWBEA, what you have is a good-looking gaited horse.

More to follow in the next edition of the Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse on TWHBEA’s position in the industry compared to the other major breeds.