Deadline for declaring candidacy for the TWHBEA International Board of Directors is August 1. One must be a member that owns registered walking horses, not be suspended, not be on federal suspension or a felon, and have more than three years continual membership in the association. The specifics for eligibility are outlined in the bylaws,

There are 12 seats up for election. The following breaks down the states and regions for which directors will be elected.

Tennessee – 3 seats

Kentucky – 2 seats

Alabama – 1 seat

California- 1 seat

Illinois – 1 seat 

Missouri – 1 seat 

South Carolina – 1 seat

Virginia – 1 seat

Region 2 (Michigan, Wisconsin) – 1 seat

Members willing to be candidates for the Board of Directors shall notify the TWHBEA Executive Director in writing on or before August 1st. Email to: If all eligibility requirements are met, those members’ names will be listed on the TWHBEA Website and in the Voice magazine.