Effective February 23, 2018

The title says it all, folks. Now, instead of taking a week or longer to arrange for a notary to stamp your affidavit to mail into TWHBEA, you can simply fill it out, scan it and email it to You say you lost the papers and need a new set, we believe you; no notary required. Add your credit card number to the form for ease of payment also – done in a day rather than a week or two. Of course, mailing it in with a check is still acceptable also.

Please use the existing form Duplicate Certificate of Registration until the new form is posted without the notary signature stamp block. You may also use a common affidavit from the internet or MSWord template and tailor it to your needs; we will accept it with your name printed and signed. The fee is still the same. Thanks, all.

2018 Executive Committee