Lewisburg, TN

The nominating committee selected a slate of officers from the applicants who demonstrated their desire to serve.  The committee was chaired by Sheryl Crawford (GA) and consisted of other members John Callicutt (NC), Dan Holmes (IN), Brad Woodruff (IL) and Dodi Speece (TX). The officers, if elected to serve on the Executive Committee at the December 1, 2018, International Board of Directors meeting, will then begin their term of service for the coming year.

Nominated are

President – David Williams (TN)

Sr Vice President – Steve Smith (TN)

Secretary – Jim Heiting (CA)

Admin/Fiscal Vice President – Nancy Lynn Greene (TN)

Breeders’ Vice President – Carrie Benedict (KY)

Marketing Vice President – Ashley Wadsworth (MS)

Performance Horse Vice President – Robin Webb (KY)

Owners/Exhibitors/Int’l Vice President – Keegan Meadows (GA)

Pleasure Horse Vice President – Joe Leith (OH)

Training Vice President – Russ Thompson (CA)

Equine Welfare Vice President – Bobby Beech (TN)

Vice President-at-large Youth Division – Chris Hazelwood (TN)

Vice President-at-large Bylaws/Enforcement – Kristen Reichard (PA)