For all of you that like to do last minute bidding to snag one at the end…keep this is mind.

To prevent bid sniping, i.e. someone waiting to the last second to bid, each auction has a built in extension whereas in the last 2 hours of each auction, if a bid is made in the last 2 hours, that auction is extended another 2 hours until all bidding ceases. For example, if you are the current bid leader and someone bids at the last minute you will be notified by email that you have been outbid and you and other bidders will have 2 more hours to bid on that auction item. After the scheduled end of the auction, if 2 hours pass with no bids that auction will come to an end. If you’re going to bid you might as well go ahead and bid.

See the current amounts below and make bids at http://twhbea-auctions.com/auctions/

Current Bids on all Stud Fees:

A Major Milestone – Starting Bid $200

All American Cash – Current Bid: $425

Arm’s Deal For Real M – Current Bid: $700

Blue Blooded Bandit – Current Bid: $250

Bum’s Threat’s Supreme – Starting Bid $250

Cool Alen Jackson – Current Bid: $300

El Zorro’s Star – Starting Bid $300

Excalibur’s Dark Knight – Current Bid: $350

Gameworld – Current Bid: $650

Gen’s Black Gin – Current Bid: $800

Gold Danger – Starting Bid $200

He’s Slim Shady – Current Bid $700

Hocus Pocus Jazz – Current Bid: $250

Honors – Current Bid: $1070

I Am Jose’ – Current Bid: $1200

I’m All Jacked Up – Starting Bid $250

I’m All Fired Up – Starting Bid $300

I’m Copperfield – Current Bid: $505

I’m Dark Vengeance – Current Bid $250

I’m N.R.A. – Current Bid $500

Jose’ Jose’ – SOLD

Kid Callahan – Current Bid: $300

Line Item Veto – Starting Bid $450

Lined With Cash – Current Bid: $850

Master Of Jazz – Current Bid: $600

Moody Star – Starting Bid $250

Out On Parole – Current Bid: $850

Rowdy Rev – Current Bid: $325

The Bruce Pearl – Starting Bid $150

The Coach – Current Bid: $750

The Dixie Lineman – Current Bid: $650

The Titleist – Current Bid: $775

Walkin’ All Over – Starting Bid $200

Walk Time Charlie – Current Bid: $1400

Watch It Now – Current Bid: $450