World Wide Trail Ride Video Competition Extended to October 31, 2021

Entry Form

Plans are well underway in a few states, Mexico and Germany to participate in this new TWHBEA program. Organizers have asked for a program extension from the original September date to allow for the show season, Celebration and European Championships to conclude prior to turn their attentions to putting together their team for the Video Trail Ride. TWHBEA is extending the program to end October 31, 2021 to allow more time for organizers and additional entries. Please see the below information and links for program guidelines and entry form.

The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association of Lewisburg, Tennessee announces The Inaugural World-Wide Trail Ride Video competition open to all TWHBEA members in good standing which includes our international members and their guests.

The competition will count towards the TWHBEA Trails Program for double points and take place from July 1 thru October 31, 2021 and feature a one day outing of three or more hours duration and an optional traditional meal at a destination or outdoors along the trail. To sign up for the TWHBEA Trails Program please email

The video competition will provide an opportunity for all lovers of the Tennessee Walking Horse and their invited guests to enjoy a scenic trail ride on a registered Tennessee Walking Horse, while promoting their country, culture and cuisine and making virtual friends throughout the world.

The competition will be judged on several elements:

  1. Quality of video production: minimum of 5 minutes, maximum 10 minutes for upload. Videos must be submitted via Wetransfer to
  2. Competition limited to registered Tennessee Walking Horses, minimum of 2, no maximum.
  3. The camaraderie and enjoyment evidenced in the video.
  4. The length of the trail ride kilometers, hours.
  5. The scenic beauty along the trail, showcasing the country’s/state’s natural resources and the beauty of the horses against that backdrop.
  6. (Optional) The atmosphere of the restaurant or encampment where the traditional ethnic cuisine is enjoyed and the type, variety and presentation of the foods eaten. Traditional music, songs, can add to the moment.
  7. At least 2 not more than 5 hosts/narrators who will narrate, giving route, history, introductions, food, clothing details
  8. The overall quality of the video submitted for judgement and story it tells.

*Videographer is responsible for documenting trail distance/time using a mobile GPS system of their choosing. Suggested Apps: Strava, Relive, or Wikiloc

*Entries must be submitted NO LATER than October 31st.

*Send video submission via Wetransfer to


The Winners of the Competition will receive special recognition at the TWHBEA Annual Meeting Awards Banquet and be featured on TWHBEA’s website and social media pages. Contact your TWHBEA State or Regional Director if you would like to host or participate in a video trail ride. More than one entry per country/state is allowed. All state/regional directors are listed on the TWHBEA website under the International Board of Directors page under the Association tab. You can also use this link: