Lewisburg, TN 09 December 2019

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association Elects First Woman President

A momentous and noteworthy occurrence in the history of the association’s storied existence – the first woman was elected President of the 84-year-old breed registry. Margo Urad, of Rockwall, TX, took the reins as the incoming top officer.

Congratulations to Madam President, Margo Urad – a proud day for Texas, and historic time for our beloved breed association, TWHBEA®!  You can soon (to be published) read a short bio on Margo at this link,, as well as see the other officers recently elected to the Executive board. (*denotes a non-voting member of the board.)

TWHBEA™ proudly announces the full election results of officers from the International Board of Directors on December 7, 2019, to serve as the 2020 Executive Committee.

Margo Urad – President
Mike Floyd – Sr. Vice President
Christy Lantis – Admin/Fiscal/Audit Vice President
Frances Bates – Marketing Vice President
Dee Cantrell – Breeders’/Futurity Vice President
Thom Meek – Trainers’ Vice President
Dr. Bradley Woodruff – Owners/Exhibitors/International Vice President
Denise Rowland – Performance Horse Vice President
Kristen Reichard – Pleasure Horse Vice President
Chris Hazelwood – Youth Vice President
Robin Webb – Bylaws/Enforcement Vice President
Jim Heiting – Equine Welfare Vice President
*Walt Chism – Secretary/Registrar
*David Williams – Immediate Past President

TWHBEA™ was founded May 5, 1935, in Lewisburg, Tennessee in the southern hill-country of middle Tennessee by E. Burt Hunter and had 46 male presidents, before this election, preceding Ms. Margo Urad. The Tennessee Walking Horse© is a naturally gaited horse bred initially for versatility and stamina to work long hours and long days pulling plows, or wagons, or carrying riders. It is a closed registry, requiring all new foals to DNA qualify to its’ sire and dam.  And, it is the premier mount for trail, endurance, field trial and pleasure riders.

“Ride one today; you’ll own one tomorrow.”