Have you seen the new iPEDS™?

iPEDS™, TWHBEA's member-only Internet Pedigree System™, has been available for quite some time but, recently, it was upgraded based on feedback received from TWHBEA members.  If you haven’t logged into it for a while you need to check it out and see what is available to you!

TWHBEA is very proud of iPEDS™ and is confident our members will find it a very useful tool in making better educated buying and breeding decisions.  The iPEDS™ program is tied into TWHBEA's in-house computer so the registry information it provides to members is as current and complete as it is at TWHBEA headquarters. 

The information that is available to you in iPEDS™ depends on which option you chose to use, the free Standard Access or subscription Premium Access.

Standard Access iPEDS™

The Standard Access option is free to all current TWHBEA members.  Using Standard Access members can view
•    their personal Customer Information on file at TWHBEA
•    a list of registered horses that the member owns or has owned
•    basic information on any horse in the registry. 

Standard Access is useful to the breeder who wants to check the availability of a name before submitting a registration application to TWHBEA. It will also be useful to the trainer who needs the registration number of a horse in order to fill out a horse show entry form. And, buyers or breeders can find out if a horse they are considering has been blood-typed or DNA tested.

iPEDS™ Customer Information

All members can now easily view the information TWHBEA has on file for them.  This private information is available only to the member that logs into iPEDS™ using their membership number and password. 

The information displayed includes:
•    the status of your membership
•    whether or not you have used your free registration or transfer and, if so, when
•    what your current iPEDS™ access is and for premium users, when it expires
•    your address, e-mail address and phone number

If any of this information is incorrect you can easily update it by clicking on the Update Contact link.  From this page you can also renew your membership or subscribe to Premium iPEDS™.

iPEDS™ Horse Ownership History

Click on the menu button “My Horses” and you will go to a record of the registered TWHs you own or have owned in the past.  You will see the registration number, registered name, sex, color, the date you acquired the horse, and if blood-typing and DNA testing was done.  If applicable, you will also see the date you sold the horse or the date the horse died.

Using this list you can monitor whether or not a horse you have sold has been transferred by the new owner.

Many TWHBEA members have had more than one membership number over the years. If this is the case, all of the horses owned by that member may not appear in their list.  The list can be corrected by using the link provided on that page to contact TWHBEA.

iPEDS™ Horse Quick Search

Another option available to all TWHBEA members is a Quick Search to find basic information on any horse in the registry. If you enter a valid registration number or a name exactly as it appears on the registration papers the information on only that horse will appear on the screen. If you are not sure of the horse’s exact name or registration number you can do a search by entering part of a name to get a list of horses.  You also have the option of sorting the list by the column you choose.

The Standard Access results list includes the horse’s registration number, registered name, sex, foaling date, color, and owner.  Standard Access also allows members to verify the status of a horse's blood typing and DNA testing.

What does Standard iPEDS™ offer?

•    Your personal information on file at TWHBEA
•    A list of all the TWHs you have owned
•    Quick Search to find horses using a name, part of a name, or registration number
•    Basic information on any TWH in the registry

What does Premium iPEDS™ offer?

•    Everything available in Standard iPEDS™
•    Detail Search that enables you to find horses based on the criteria you choose
•    Detailed information on every horse in the registry including its
•    Pedigree
•    Production
•    Show Results
•    Owner History
•    Blood-typing & DNA results
•    Build a Pedigree with the Sire and Dam of your choice
•    Hyperlinks to all horses from all pages

Premium Access iPEDS™

The Premium Access option is available to all current TWHBEA members by subscription.  Members can purchase the length of subscription that will best fit their needs, from as little as 7 days to as long as 2 years

In addition to the information available to standard access users, premium users can also
•    Do a detailed search to find horses based on the criteria they choose
•    View detailed information on any horse in the registry
•    Create a pedigree using the sire and dam of their choice
•    Use hyperlinks to go to detailed information on any horse that appears on a page

iPEDS™ Horse Detail Search

Using the Detail Search you can find horses using different criteria.  As with the Quick Search you can enter part of a name to get a list from which to choose. You can also refine your search using foaling dates, colors and patterns, sex, DNA and blood-typing, and sires and dams.  You can then display the results in the order that you prefer. 

The results list includes the horse’s registration number, registered name, sex, foaling date, color, and owner. By double clicking on the registration number you will go to the detailed Horse Information page for that horse.

Because of the number of horses in the registry your search could result in thousands of horses.  The more criteria you enter --- the more you limit the results.

iPEDS™ Horse Information Page

The iPEDS™ Horse Information page is the hub of the premium user’s navigation.   This page gives the name and registration number of a horse, along with its sire, dam, color, markings, sex, date of birth and death date (if available), and current owner of record.  For horses registered recently, you will also see the breeder and the state in which the horse was foaled.  Information on whether or not a horse has a micro chip or a stallion has frozen semen is also included.

Using the buttons on the iPEDS™ Horse Information page, members have quick access to additional, detailed information on the horse.

•    Production – The complete listing of a horse’s offspring provides the registration number, name, foal date, sex, and whether or not blood and DNA testing have been done.  If you are looking at a sire’s production, the dam’s information is also provided; for a mare the stallion is provided.
•    iPEDS™ Horse Pedigree – 4 generations of ancestors with the registration number and color
•    Show Records – TWHBEA is an international registry that has invited all showing organizations to send in their show results.  Show results that have been provided to TWHBEA are included in iPEDS™ and become part of a horse’s history. The horse’s show history provides the date, show name and location, class, number of entries, place, and owner at the time of the show.
•    Ownership History – This history provides the name and address of everyone that has owned the horse.
•    DNA & Blood – This page provides complete DNA and blood-typing information along with the lab that performed the test.

iPEDS™ Build a Pedigree

Premium users can also have iPEDS™ build a pedigree using the sire and dam of their choice. This would be very useful for breeders that want to analyze the pedigree for a potential foal.
How do I access the iPEDS™ program?

To log into the program you need your membership number and a password (which can easily be obtained by logging into the TWHBEA website at http://www.twhbea.com/ and clicking on the menu option iPEDS™ Log-in).  From there you will be directed to the “Welcome to iPEDS™” screen.  Using the links at the bottom of the screen you can join TWHBEA, get a password if you are already a member and don’t have one, or log onto iPEDS™. 

It is important to remember that access to iPEDS™ is contingent upon current membership. If a membership lapses then access to iPEDS™ will be denied until the dues are paid.

Premium Access is good for 12 months from the date of purchase. The expiration date is displayed on the Customer Information screen that appears every time you log into iPEDS™.  Premium users will also be sent an e-mail when their access nears expiration.

Helpful iPEDS™ Hints
•    Read the screen! Instructions are there to help you navigate through the program.
•    The program will time out & you will need to log back in if it is inactive for over 15 minutes

Pricing for Premium iPEDS™

1 Day     -$5.00
7 Days   -$15.00
30 Days -$30.00
1 Year    -$50.00
2 Years  -$90.00

We would like to hear from you
With the registry information now available to you through iPEDS™ you may find data that, based on your personal records, may be incomplete or incorrect.  If this is the case, please contact TWHBEA with specific information to resolve the inconsistencies. The iPEDS™ upgrade project is still underway.  The next phase will provide users with even more options and information.  The iPEDS™ Committee would like your feedback to help us make iPEDS™ the best it can be. Please send your comments and suggestions to the iPEDS™ Committee at ipedsinfo@twhbea.com.



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