TWHBEA Futurity Stud Fee Online Auction Current Bids on Stallions

The DEADLINE has been EXTENDED till Monday October 24 at NOON to get all your bids in!! A new stallion (Lined With Cash) has just been added so we want all of our members and fans to have enough time to get their bids in.

Below you will see all the stallions and their current bid amounts! Well known Stallion Manager of Rising Star Ranch and current TWHBEA Breeders Vice President David Williams has given his personal comment on each of the stallions. Please read and take a look at some of the BEST studs in the TWH industry.

Remember bidding now ends October 24, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. central time!

To make a bid or find out more information on the Stud Fee Auction please visit this page.

For questions or to bid over the phone please call Kristen Corbin at 931-359-0592 or email


A Strong Dollar
Current bid $625 - Buy It Now: $1000

A very successful sire having already produced numerous World and World Grand Champions.
He is bigger bodied with great hooves, very durable, produces very talented horses with strong driving backends similar to him.

A Strong Need For Cash
Current Bid $600 - Buy It Now: $1000

The most exciting son of A Strong Dollar showing today, out of a direct daughter of Coin's Hard Cash, flashy and exciting.
His first foals are just arriving but I'm sure he will be as successful as his sire and grandsire Generator's Silver Dollar.


All American Cash
Current bid $425 - Buy It Now: $750

Very special to me. I have seen and cared for him on a daily basis for the past 15 years.
I feel a very underrated sire having produced World and World Grand Champions such as Popcorn Sutton, Epic and He's Made in the USA just in the past 3 years.
Also for color enthusiasts he is homozygous Black. Needs a mare with a big back end. He will give you everything else.


Ample Cash
Current Bid $300 - Buy It Now: $500

Another son of Coin's Hard Cash who like All American is the spitting image to their sire Coin's Hard Cash.
He is the sire of 2 time WGC Racking Horse High Sword (who was a very high selling Walking Two Year Old before his switch to the Racking world).
Ample has produced many other show ring stars and his foals are beautiful.


An Executive Decision
Current bid $125 - Buy It Now: $300

New to the breeding world An Executive decision has one foal registered but what a nice one.
He is the sire of the beautiful red roan filly now trending that many saw show at the TWHBEA National Futurity in the Darrah Weanling class.
He is out of a direct daughter of Jazz Man making him a very well bred producer of color.

Arm's Deal For Real M
Current bid $425 - Buy It Now: $700

A personal favorite, If you want size and the look of an old time true moving walking horse, Deal For Real is a great choice.
Out of a direct daughter of Ebony Masterpiece and having a paternal grandmother sired by Ebony Masterpiece, for the Walking horse traditionalists he fills the bill
. Also throws beautiful manes and tails every shade of blonde.

Black Diamond Ritz
Current Bid $375 - Buy It Now: $750

Very successful son of He's Puttin' On The Ritz.
His 2nd dam produced the great Eb's Black Diamond.
Many former World Champions share the same mare line as him.
You will find his offspring showing successfully in all classifications.


Blue Blooded Bandit 
Current bid $400 - Buy It Now: $500

He very well could be the most handsome horse I personally have ever seen.
Shown by Knox Blackburn in the past and was always considered a contender for high honors.
Returns to the ring in 2016 and takes home a Res. World Championship.
His pedigree is a Who's Who of great producers with a running theme of horses associated
with S.W. Beech and Sons Stables, arguably the greatest breeders of Walking Horses ever.


Bright Lights Big City 7HF 
No Current Bid, Starting bid is $300, Buy It Now: $500

A great son of JFK and out of a Delite Double Clutch mare.
As a big fan of Double Clutch, you can't find many stallions with his name this close in their pedigree.
Bred sparingly of late, he produced many top show horses early in his breeding career.
Make a bid on this one. I promise you will get more than you expect.

Cool Alen Jackson
Current bid $200 - Buy It Now: $500

Guaranteed producer of color! Buckskin Tobianos (spotted) and Palomino Tobianos are all he can ever produced with a non dilute mare.
You got a plain looking pasture and want to add some color.
This is your guy! Great disposition and smooth gaited.


Gen's Black Gin
Current bid $625 - Buy It Now: $1000

Sire of numerous World Champions, Just at the 2016 Celebration his 2 year old offspring won BOTH 2 year old filly classes,
1 of the 2 year old stallion classes, Reserve in another 2 year old stallion class, and
Res. World Grand Champion 2 year old. He will make you famous.


He's Slim Shady
Current Bid $700 - Buy It Now: $1000

Sparingly bred, he is the sire of the 2016 World Champion Two Year Old stallion Jimmy Choo
who also went on to win the 2016 Two Year Old World Grand Championship.
He's Slim Shady is taking up where his great sire The Black Night Shade left off. Great things to come.


Honors - SOLD

Hocus Pocus Jazz
Current Bid $325 - Buy It Now: $500

Sire of World Champion Weanling HPY2BME and two time Two Year Old Trail Pleasure World Champion in 2016 Ms. Understood.
What we've known about him all along many are starting to figure out.
Some of the top flat shod mares are being bred to him this Fall.


I Am Jose'
Current bid $1100 - Buy It Now: $1500

Three Time World Grand Champion, how often can you say that when talking about your foals sire...Never before now.
His first foals are under saddle now and their progress is the hottest talk in town.
When trainers call to breed to him you know something is going on.


I'm All Fired Up
No Current Bid, Starting bid is $300, Buy It Now: $500

Another of my personal favorite show horses. Son of Armed and Dangerous with a huge back end.
Comes from the same mare line as JFK and My Jackie O. Could have been one of the great ones except for an injury.
When I heard he was going to stand at stud, even I was excited. Never before available to the public.
If somebody doesn't bid I might, that's what I think of him.


I'm Dark Vengeance
Current bid $225 - Buy It Now: $400

A proven producing son of the great Pusher's Doing Time.
His mare line is impeccable. For pedigree researchers check him out.
He's the FULL brother to the late World Champion Black Vengeance.
For owners of Double negative mares he is also A- Q- boodtyped so you can breed to him with no worries.


I'm N.R.A.
Current Bid $300 - Buy It Now: $500

Relatively new to the breeding world he is the sire of the 2016 TWHBEA National Futurity Champion Roy G. Biv.
N.R.A. was a perennial show ring favorite winning a World Grand Championship in 2010.
His dam also produced World Champion Don Julio.
He comes from the same mare line as World Champion Two Year Old mare EB's Fancy Free.
Impeccable pedigree, already proving his worth as a sire.


Jazz King
Current bid $425 - Buy It Now: $800

A top producer for a while, Jazz King comes from another dominate mare line.
The bottom side of his pedigree is STRONG when it comes to producing show horses through the generations.
He has now been discovered by the flat shod enthusiasts and he has been the goto sire for the top flat shods with the Jazz Man pedigree.
Jazz King's foals are always a good bet.


Jose' Jose'
Current bid $1500 - Buy It Now: $2500

What can you say that hasn't already been said.
He is the greatest sire of my lifetime.
He is the standard everything breeding is compared to.
Leading sire in ALL divisions. Has sired 57 World Grand Champions.
This fee you purchase has the likelihood of returning your investment 10 fold when your yearling is ready to sell.


Line Item Veto
Current Bid $675 - Buy It Now: $1000

The poster child of great flat shod stallions.
Line Item Veto is just beginning his breeding career and I can honestly say he is getting more interest than any other purely flat shod stallion.
His few colts on the ground are superb. One of the best weanlings I saw this year was sired by Veto and out of the great mare Red Sunday's Best.
I'm not talking about best potentially flat shod weanling, I'm saying one of the BEST weanlings I saw this year.


Lined With Cash
Current Bid $800 - Buy It Now: $2000

He is part of the upper echelon of breeding stallions. A long time producer of World renown horses in all divisions.
He is also the sire of the popular World Grand Champion Walk Time Charlie.
Lined With Cash is a direct son of Coin's Hard Cash and out of the great mare Gen's Silver Lining.
When people look for horses to buy many ask for Lined With Cash offspring specifically.
When you have a foal by him, you don't have to look for buyers.
They will find you.

Master of Jazz - Current bid $400 - Buy It Now: $750
A great producer and the best percentage show horse producing sire out. Each year I go over the statistics of a stallions production to what becomes successful in the show ring.
Year end and Year out he has always been at the top of the list. Sire of World and World Grand Champions, if you get his fee you will be pleased.


Moody Star - Current bid $300 - Buy It Now: $500
Absolutely one of the show ring greats. A son of one of my favorite stallions Generator's Santana. Star has never been widely available to the public.
If you can get this breeding you will be one of the rare few that get to breed to him. The foals I have seen are impressive. Again one of the ALL TIME greats.


Out on Parole - SOLD

Outlined In Silver - Current Bid $350 - Buy It Now: $650
The widely shown and successful FULL brother to Lined With Cash. Outlined in Silver has become a producer in his own right and is one of the prettiest grey stallions you will find.
Again another direct son of the great Coin's Hard Cash and out of the top show mare Gen's Silver Lining. Get this fee and by helping the Futurity you will be helping yourself. Top Horse.

Rowdy Rev - Current bid $325 - Buy It Now: $750
He is the culmination of the Best of Harlinsdale, Many time World Champion and showing his ability to produce early with many foals excelling in flat shod and performance ranks.
Comes from a great mare line, but really how many mare lines that came out of Harlinsdale weren't great. They were one of the original Master Breeder Award recipients and rightfully so.

Ted Williams - Current bid $650 - Buy It Now: $1000
He is the Adonis of bay horses. This son of the late great He's Puttin' On The Ritz has already produced many World and World Grand Champions.
He puts a beautiful head and neck on his foals, his foals are very showy and refined. If you have a coarser looking mare with a good hind leg, he can bring your breeding program to top form.
If he's a Williams He's got to be good.


Texas Joe Black - Current bid $450 - Buy It Now: $750
This dapple grey son of Hard Texas Cash has proven himself time and again as a top producer with limited breeding. His most notable foal is World and World Grand Champion Etta James by TJB.
His dam side is a culmination of Silver Design/Stormy Night/Ebony Masterpiece.
His mare line was developed by one of the best old time breeders I knew growing up Mr. W.R. Nixon, who was famous for producing Ebony's Go Go Girl and many greats by Ebony Masterpiece.


The Coach - Current bid $675 - Buy It Now: $1000
Becoming one of the top producing sons of Skywatch very early in his career. He has already sired a Yearling World Grand Champion, A Two Year Old World Champion, A Three Year Old World Grand Champion and his 5 year old son Joe Pa wins a World Grand Championship at the 2016 Celebration. He is out of a direct daughter of Motown Magic, and one of the few sires you can choose to get this very productive bloodline.

The Confederate Blue - Current bid $250 - Buy It Now: $500
This blue roan son of WGC Gen's Armed and Dangerous is impressing many with his foals. They are not only blue but they win blues.
His weanling filly Singing The Blues was the 2016 TWHBEA National Futurity Darrah Weanling Champion as well as the Res. World Champion Weanling Filly. If you like BLUE you'll like him.


The Dixie Lineman - Current bid $650 - Buy It Now: $750
This Blue blooded son of Lined With Cash has won everything there is to win. He now is producing foals that are doing the same.
His production is equally successful in flat shod and performance ranks and he is also passing on that beautiful grey color. He is one of the up and coming sires that have a long future ahead of him.


The Stonecutter - Current bid $350 - Buy It Now: $500
One of the most successful and one of the last direct sons of The Pusher C.G. standing today. The Stonecutter throws his sabino color along with the talent showcased in his pedigree.
He is out of a direct daughter of Pride's Royal Master which many breeders seek out. His foals have great size and motor.
If you like Pushers you'll love him.

The Titleist - Current bid $900 - Buy It Now: $1250
Sire of 2016 World Grand Champion Honors. Sire of many World and World Grand Champions.
One of the most successful sons of He's Puttin' On The Ritz standing today. He isn't any wallflower and he passes that fire and ability on in his foals.
If you're a serious breeder he will make you seriously successful.  


The Whole Nine Yards - Current Bid $525 - Buy It Now: $900
One of the most popular World Grand Champions of All Time. Sire of the great World Grand Champion Two Year Old Nine Gold. "9" as he is affectionately called is producing winners year after year.
This gentle giant is another out of a direct Hard Cash mare. If you've never raised a foal sired by him you need to try once.
If not now when?


Vigor's Night Life - Current bid $150 - Buy It Now: $350
He comes from the breeding program of one of my great friends and TWHBEA Master Breeder the late Dr. Bill Gaw.
Sired by Vigor and out of a Solidarity mare, Vigor's Night Life is the epitome of Dr. Gaws "Magic Cross" of breeding Vigor to Solidarity mares.
His program was very successful in doing this. Only being bred for a short time Vigor's NightLife produced one of the sharpest Weanlings I saw at the Futurity The Night Bandit.
He was Res. TWHBEA Futurity Champion and one of the most talked about weanling stallions this year. 


Walk Time Charlie - Current bid $1175 - Buy It Now: $1500
One of the most popular young sires that has come along in a long time. By number of mares bred he is second only to Jose' Jose' in recent years.
His first 2 year olds had a great showing at the 2016 Celebration and his upcoming crops look great also. For a personal insight on Charlie.
I see him each day and he is the most personal and people friendly stallion I have ever been around. Just that is enough to want to breed to him. His good looks and ability to produce talent is just icing on the cake.


Watch It Now - Current bid $425 - Buy It Now: $750
Another favorite. Comes from a top producing mare line. Has 2 world champion brothers and his sister sired by Jose' Jose' is the dam of the top selling Two year old for 2017. He sired his first World Champions this year with Semper Fi and Win Lose Or Draw winning top honors. He puts a great neck and superb hind leg on his foals. Great family great producer and great individual. His accolades as a sire are just beginning.





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