TWHBEA's Position Regarding S1121 and HR3268

The International Board of Directors of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association, oppose H.R.3268 and S.1121, the legislation introduced by Representative Ted Yoho, and Senator Kelly Ayotte; and any other legislation that would cause harm, or degradation of, the Tennessee Walking Horse show industry.

The International Board of Directors strongly supports working with Congress and other industry stakeholders who support laws and regulations that use objective, scientifically proven testing methods.  The TWHBEA International Board is 100% united in its goal of eliminating abuse and cruelty to any horse, regardless of the breed, and yet preserving the industry and legacy of the show ring to showcase our fine animals.

Other legislation that concretely helps the horse without causing hurt to the industry is Representative Scott Desjarlais’ and Senator Lamar Alexander’s bill(s), H.R.4105 and S.1161, respectively.  Those bills are constructively designed to work with the industry leader(s) to develop and utilize science-based, pre-show, objective tests during inspections to irrefutably determine sound compliance of the animal.

The proposed Yoho/Ayotte bill(s) would decimate the show industry and serve as a launch pad for restrictive legislative attacks on other breeds that also show or exhibit.   




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