Attention Exhibitors, Owners & Trainers!!

TWHBEA introduced the World Series Program at the beginning of 2016.

All Regional Shows are DOUBLE POINT Shows for the Versatility Program

The show does not have to be affiliated with any group/HIO in order to be a World Series Regional Show. All 4-H, Country Boy Shows, All Breed Shows can count as long as they provide the classes that are mandatory. These classes are listed on the form that has to be sent in.


All a show has to do to be a Regional Show is:

·         Pay the $50 affiliation fee (this will be paid out as prize money at the Championship Show)

·         Use TWHBEA World Series Logo on show bill

·         Abide by TWHBEA rules and regulations 

·         Provide a show schedule to TWHBEA 30 days prior to show **call if date of show is sooner

·         Submit show results to TWHBEA within 14 days of the show

·         Provide a minimum of 3 rail classes and 3 versatility classes

If there is a show in your area, fill out the World Series Show Form and pay the $50 to get it affiliated! TWHBEA is trying its very best to make this new program as easy as possible for all exhibitors and show managers. Lets help shows in your area by drawing more exhibitors and participation and help TWHBEA members.


If you have any questions please contact Kristen Corbin at or 931-359-0592 or Margo Urad at




For further details or information, please contact (931) 359-1574.

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