Walking Horse Clubs Join Together to Promote the Pleasure Horse in the West



The Tennessee Walking Horse Exhibitors Association of Oregon, the Northern California Walking Horse Association, the Plantation Walking Horse Association of California and the Mountain States Tennessee Walking Horse Association are very pleased to announce the much anticipated launch of the new Western States Walking Horse High Points Program.  The mission of this new alliance is the promotion of sound, competitive pleasure walkers, further development of a show circuit and acknowledgement of excellence of Walking Horses in the Western States. 


Holly Reynolds, President of the Oregon club, stated that "Over the last several years, we have seen our clubs in the West starting to work together to support each others' horse shows, and this program is a natural outflow of that.  The clubs worked together diligently to put together this program, reconciling differences among the clubs in how they structured divisions and shoeing requirements.


Nichole Schoppe, President of the Northern California club, commented: "We were all very committed to making this work, and didn't let any of these differences become roadblocks to our success. This is just a starting point.  We expect the program to expand moving forward.  We invite other clubs in the West to join us, as we feel a united regional approach will allow us to promote the Walking Horse in unprecedented ways."


High points will be awarded for the following categories:  Model, Versatility, Country Pleasure, Trail Pleasure, Lite Shod, Plantation, Barefoot, Amateur Owned and Trained, Spotted Saddle Horses, Novice and Youth. 


For more information about the new Western States High Points Program, please contact Holly Reynolds at canterlope_twh@yahoo.com.





For further details or information, please contact (931) 359-1574.

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