TWHBEA Remains Committed To Sound Horses In Every Discipline


Lewisburg, TN - As has been stated previously, this is a very tumultuous time in our great industry with valid concerns regarding the future of our performance show horse. In discussing those concerns, some have suggested that the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitor’s Association (TWHBEA) is working against this discipline. Nothing could be further from the truth. As has always been the case, TWHBEA continues to support each and every sound show horse in each and every division. The Association is committed to the future of our breed in every discipline but realizes that this future is jeopardized by those that continue to engage in the despicable practice of soring. “TWHBEA has always supported the use of pads and action devices. However, the Association is also committed to the elimination of soring. In order to move forward we must focus on ending this horrific practice within our industry so that our great performance show horse can continue to thrill and excite crowds all over the country,” states TWHBEA President Marty Irby.


The Association urges everyone to take to heart the following quote from Member At Large By Laws Loyd Hall ‘Buster’ Black, Jr., “We must support sound horses in all the disciplines of our breed, whether performance, pleasure or other if our industry is to thrive and our registry is to thrive. In the end, success must include all these considerations in equal measure with no single consideration ahead of any other.”





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